En Fuego Media | About Us
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About Us

Search Engine Optimization

Our engineers have brought their methodologies and processes together, comprising a team unlike any other. From establishing a new presence, to ascending in page rank, we can show you results in any niche, while minimizing your expenditures, in this ever-evolving area of specialty.

Content That Counts

Do you really think you can pull the wool over Google’s eyes with your black hat “secret weapon”. PBN’s and other tactics may show an uptick in results for a time, but the inevitable penalties that follow can be devastating to a client’s livelihood and reputation. Simply put, shortcuts do not work.

Know what does work? Offering valuable information and services, and demonstrating through transparent practices, that you are a trustworthy business entity. This all begins with quality content marketing. We’ll show you how it’s done.

Superior Design

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works – Steve Jobs

In designing for any media, En Fuego strives to convey the essential information your customers need, in an intuitive and focused manner.

A well-designed user experience leads the user to the information that they seek, and facilitates purposeful, efficient communication while operating within an elegant, unobtrusive plane. This is our mission.

Acquisition Involves More

Customer acquisition means more than driving traffic to your site. We know that your business is unique and that you you have separated yourself from the competition by providing value to your customers, so it is imperative your website convey this.


We are here to facilitate this goal, providing your business with the image it deserves, and the means to show buyers why you are better than your competitors.


We strive to emphasize the value proposition specific to your speciality, while engaging your target customers, to expedite the arrival of your long-term goals.


Our process begins with getting to know you. We take the time to understand your brand, your customer base, your competitors, and your company’s overall design aesthetic.


With your feedback, we’ll ensure that the final designs are what we promised to deliver, with a contemporary, conversion-focused design, structured with ease of use in mind, and designed not only to engage visitors, but to illicit a response.